When should I order?

You may order any time up until shortly before your order must ship provided you leave enough time for shipping and, ideally, including at least a 1 (one) day buffer between the anticipated delivery date and event date. Click here to see the FedEx Ground transit times: Shipping Information

Is your cotton candy certified Kosher?

Yes. We incur ongoing and considerable expense and grant unfettered access to our proprietary production processes in order to offer our cotton candy to those that require the strict reassurance of reputable Kosher certification and cleanliness. Click on the following link to view our Kosher Certification: Cotton Candy Kosher Certification (it's the same certification and Kosher authority that certifies the Tabasco brand...for reference of integrity)

I see that I can buy from you online through PayPal but I don't have a PayPal account.

You don't need a PayPal account to process the transaction. When you choose to "Pay now with PayPal" from the shopping cart / shipping calculator it will give you the option of using a PayPal account or processing this single transaction. You can also email us or call us @ 501-623-2638 to place your order.

What's the shelf life of cotton candy?

Store the candy in a cool & dry area away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Our stated optimal shelf life is 45 days. The cotton candy is fine for several months if stored properly. Consider the fact that store-bought candy is typically 2 to 4 months old by the time it reaches a shelf near you. You can also freeze cotton candy to preserve indefinitely.

What are clear bags?

Clear bags are without print, logo or decal. They are offered for those who wish to affix their own label or decorate to their own creative taste. Clear bags with no labels or print are also beneficial to concessionaires who wish to lend the impression that the candy was made locally....and, as such, also appear fresher than store bought cotton candy.

Do you customize or print labels for the bags?

YES! It is not possible to order your candy with labels automatically online on this site as labels require some consultation and you must first submit the art that must be printed. Email us your art/content. If you want labels, please do not order the cotton candy online. This transaction will be done per telephone and will include the cotton candy, labels and shipping together in one transaction. Also, we do not create/design label content. This must be supplied by the client.

How big are the bags / cotton candy?

It is difficult to convey ounces without looking at a sample. There are three ways to approach this.

1)The physical dimensions of the bags (not the cotton candy) are approx:
1.0 oz. 5 in. Wide x 8 in. Long x 2 inches Thick.
2.4 oz. 7 in. Wide x 11 in. Long x 3 inches Thick.
3.4 oz. 7.5 in. Wide x 12 in. Long x 3 inches Thick.

2)When you buy cotton candy that's made in front of you on a cone or stick, you get an average of 1 ounce of cotton candy, but it is poofy and airy. As it is not possible to ship cotton candy in big "poofy clouds" (it would mash and wad in the box), we tamp the candy to make it denser so that it can fit into a box with other bags of cotton candy and ship. However, tamping does bring the footprint of the candy down. Our 1-ounce bag is equal to, weight wise, what you get on a cone or stick. The 2.4 ounce is about double, and the 3.4 ounce is over triple.

3)Take a look at our pictures pages for a reference of scale: Picture Gallery

Why the shipping? Cotton candy doesn’t weigh much.

It's due to box dimensions. As shippers must charge to provide shipping, they calculate it by dimensional weight. So whatever area a box of candy displaces in a cargo hold has a shipping price regardless of the content in the box. When calculating shipping, please be mindful that it is calculating transit from Hot Springs, Arkansas, to your zip code. The farther you are from us, the more shipping it requires. Concerning the largest cases, if you take the total of the order with shipping, and divide it by the total # of bags in the order, you will find that no matter where you are in the US, each bag will still be under retail with plenty of room for a resale margin. Also, we encourage you to compare our lower shipping and faster transit times with other cotton candy companies on the web. Please remember that there is no such thing as "Free Shipping." The honest term for it is "Shipping Included." We simply prefer to break it out and inform you of this necessary cost specific to your location.

How do I calculate the shipping costs?

Simply click on "Add to Cart" beside the case count you want to calculate and the shipping calculator screen will appear. Type in your zip code and click "Update Cart" to see the FedEx Ground shipping charge. This screen does not give you a choice beyond normal FedEx Ground. Overnight and 2nd Day Air requests need to be discussed with us first.

Can I use a purchase order to order and pay later?

If you are a school or municipality, we will pre-ship against a purchase order or a request on formal letterhead. Please call us at 501-623-2638 or email to inquire further.

Do you offer other colors/flavors besides Pink, Blue & White?

We produce pink (strawberry), blue (blueberry) and white (vanilla) in bulk all year long. We also offer Orange (orange) in the Fall and Peppermint in Nov-Dec. For efficiency of production reasons and our determination to keep our prices reasonable, we do not offer other colors/flavors unless there is a substantial requirement.

Why do the sample boxes cost $8.00 to ship?

Because of the sheer volume of sample requests and the fact that our candy is tremendously discounted to accommodate shipping costs, we have to charge what it costs to ship them. The sample box is really there for the customer who wants to order a large quantity of cotton candy but wants to make sure of the quality and size bag first. We are simply passing the actual shipping costs on to those who want samples to keep from having to raise the prices of our cotton candy to others.

Can I order more or less than the case counts on your web site?

The case counts are fixed so that the cases are not over or under stuffed. Because of this, we do not change the number of bags that fit into the different size cases.

Do you offer volume discounts?

The volume discounts are already built into the cases, hence, you pay less per bag for the 240 count 1.0 oz. than the 50 count 1.0 oz. For shipping purposes, the maximum case counts are there to consolidate large orders to save from shipping smaller/multiple boxes which costs more.

We need donations for our cause. Do you donate product?

We supply countless charities, schools, churches, and non-profits nationwide with cotton candy at a price that allows them to raise funds and thereby take full control of their fundraising efforts. We do not donate.

Is it possible to get tracking numbers for my shipment?

Yes. We generate tracking numbers to you via email upon shipment.

I didn't receive my tracking numbers. How can I get them?

Some email systems will toss legitimate emails into your SPAM (trash) folders and delete them after 24 hours if you do not set your filters to receive them. YAHOO email is well known to send FedEx emails containing tracking numbers to the Yahoo SPAM folder. Please check your SPAM/Trash folder.

Do you ship international or to APO/FPO addresses?

Due to the nature of the product, we DO NOT ship outside the 48 Contigous United States.