Shipping Information

Shipping from Hot Springs, Arkansas

If you are shipping to a school or "Walk-in" business your shipping will be less than the residential shipping calculated on our website but you must call us at 501-623-2638 to qualify and calculate this. Home businesses are "Residential" in terms of shipping.

Please note:

For FedEx Ground, a business day does not include Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.

Example: You ship a package on Monday that takes 2 business days to arrive. You do not count the day you ship as a business day, so your package would arrive on Wednesday, the second business day after the ship date.

FedEx Residential Ground shipments are delivered Tuesday–Saturday. Delivery is between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

FedEx Business Ground shipments are delivered Monday-Friday. Delivery is by end of business day.

If you are shipping to an actual walk-in business (not a residential business), it is important to include a business name so that we know it is to a business. Otherwise, your order will be sent residential and can experience a delay in delivery as residential delivery can take until 8 pm. Which will be after hours if your business closes at 5 p.m. Failure to include business details can affect the day you will receive your order and we cannot be held liable.

If your order is to a residence or residential business, please refrain from including a business name within the shipping address as it must ship residential.

We cannot ship FedEx to P.O. Boxes. You must include a complete physical street address to include the street designator, i.e., street, road, drive, blvd, etc.. Omission of a street designator can result in a failed delivery as many locations have multiple streets with the same name but different designators. Once shipped FedEx does charge $11.00 to perform an address change/correction (to include adding info to the address) or it will not be delivered. We will not refund any order that is not properly addressed.

Please make sure your shipping address is correct. If you have a PayPal account, please make sure your shipping address, telephone #, and email address are current. A mobile telephone # is preferred to reach you quickly in case we or FedEx needs to contact you concerning delivery and to prevent a missed event with your order.

Email us with questions or call us @ 501-623-2638 if in doubt. We cannot and will not be responsible for missed events due to the factors above.

We have a "signature release" on all RESIDENTIAL shipments meaning that FedEx will place your shipment @ your door if you are not at home @ the time of delivery. We do this because most people are @ work during the day and requiring a signature could cause the shipment to miss an event date. You must understand and accept that there might be a risk of theft if your shipment is placed at your door in your absence and Flossie's cannot be responsible for this result. Conversely, the FedEx driver can trump our signature release if he/she deems the risk of theft to be too great at any particular address and might not place the shipment @ your door opting to re-attempt the following day to deliver to get a signature which can result in a missed event. Flossie's, likewise, cannot be responsible for such a result. If you do not want your shipment placed at your residential door in your absence you must either call us and inform us of this desire, instruct us of this desire through the "Note to Seller" in PayPal while paying for your order or simply have the shipment delivered to a commercial address.