Special Events

We may be best known for our cotton candy, but we offer so much more when it comes to special events. Our crowd pleaser menu will not disappoint. We serve piping hot corn dogs and sugary, crispy funnel cakes along with delicious lemonade. At your next event, make sure you have us booked. Our line is always long with customers who we are ready to serve!  

Lauren Jenkins

Flossie's was a huge hit at our party! Everyone loved having corn dogs and funnel cakes right in our backyard. I loved getting to enjoy my party and celebrate instead of worrying about food and drinks. They were so professional and seriously brought the fun!

Why Flossie's?

Flossie’s® has been in business for over 40 years. We personally developed our recipes and to this day we have our mixes privately blended in our home state of Arkansas. We are known for our fresh squeezed lemonade, our delicious funnel cakes and our hand dipped corn dogs. Our recipes have not changed in 40 years and neither have our values.

Flossie’s® travels all over the state of Arkansas to many festivals and craft shows. We have catered company picnics, weddings and birthday parties.

If you have an event you think Flossie’s® should be a part of, please give us a call at 501-623-8589. We would love to be there.  

Our Menu

Flossie’s Famous Funnel Cakes
Flossie’s Hand Dipped Corn Dogs
Flossie’s Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Flossie's Frozen Lemonade
Flossie’s Cotton Candy
Shaved Ice
Fresh Roasted Corn
Fresh Pork Rinds
Turkey Legs
And more……